VIP Protection Training For Bodyguard Work In The Close Protection World

Published: 02nd June 2010
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If ever there was a benchmark for business owners that they need to increase their personal and asset protection, it is when you see advertisements for VIP protection training and bodyguard work appearing in the UK national newspapers.

Make no mistake the world is not becoming a safer place. The global increase in VIP protection training for bodyguard work in the close protection world provides a clue that crimes of violence are increasing, as are crimes against businesses. Business owners & women bodyguards are attending bodyguard training courses & close protection security training to increase their security awareness. Bodyguard training UK minimises your business risk.

It is wise to dispel the myth of the close protection world, especially that of a bodyguard being a muscle bound, shaven headed knuckle dragger. Whenever I refer to bodyguard training courses and/or close protection officer training, I am referring to absolute top notch professional security specialists with advanced levels of close protection security training.

It may surprise business owners to know that professional bodyguards training in the UK and USA, often have to graduate from close protection officer training programmes that are more extensive than that of UK police officers and professional soldiers.

Unlike police and military recruits, most professional bodyguards are freelance operatives who have to fund their own training programmes. Despite the rumours there is no such concept of free bodyguard training. If ever you see an advertisement for free bodyguard training then trust me this should be considered a 'Red Flag Warning.'

The only times I have ever seen advertisements for free bodyguard training was when a couple of cowboy VIP protection training companies were set up on the false premise of offering women bodyguards a fast track entry into the close protection world and highly paid bodyguard work.

These all proved to be a rip off which severely damaged the reputation of bodyguard training UK. Many women bodyguards who applied were ripped off and subsequently wasted precious time, effort and energy training with these cowboys.

The promise of their free bodyguard training never materialised and the bodyguards who attended these training programmes were overly charged for their inferior training.

Another sad occurrence of these cowboy close protection officer training companies is that some business owners also paid for their security officers to attend these useless close protection security training programmes.

This VIP Protection Training for Bodyguard Work in the Close Protection World article, aims to assist any security operative considering investing in any bodyguard training courses.

Any bodyguards training in the UK, or any security officers travelling into Great Britain for bodyguard training UK, need to understand the plus and minuses relating to professional bodyguards training.

The following highlights the various types of professional close protection security training available.

VIP Protection Training For Bodyguard Work In The Close Protection World: Home Study Bodyguard Training.

To my knowledge, gained from 20 plus years actively involved in VIP protection training and close protection world there are only two professional home study bodyguard training courses that can lead to paid bodyguard work.

One programme comes from the UK and the other from the USA.

There are several distinct advantages of enrolling in one of these two professional close protection officer training programmes.

Home study Bodyguard training offers the cheapest entry level for bodyguards training. If you are considering the bodyguard training UK option, then you will be offered six different one year Bodyguard home study programmes, at approximately one hundred & fifty pounds per one year programme.

Each of these one year training programmes offer an in-depth insight into different areas of the specialist close protection industry.

Besides being an excellent investment, these training programmes have proven invaluable to long term close protection officers as a resource manual for when they are deployed overseas on operational duties.

All six programmes are available in hard paper copies or on a computer CD-Rom. Many officers purchase all six of these programmes on CD-Rom because of the valuable research information, and pre formatted security templates which can be printed off from your laptop.

VIP Protection Training For Bodyguard Work In The Close Protection World: Basic Residential Bodyguard Training.

Professional residential bodyguard training courses are not cheap. Expect to invest anything from two hundred and fifty UK pounds for a basic 2 day introductory bodyguards training programme, and up to one thousand UK pounds for a 6 day close protection officer training programme.

The very best close protection training companies run a professional one day residential introduction to the close protection industry. This offers you a valuable pre-investment low cost look at the company and it's personnel.

A large number of companies run bodyguard training UK programmes. In reality every security and close protection expert knows in reality you can count the number of real professional UK close protection companies on one hand. It is the same in the USA.

If you are considering enrolment in any professional close protection security training, then don't be fooled by the security company owner who informs you, you will be fully trained and ready for bodyguard work in the close protection world after one of their one week residential close protection officer training programmes. It's a lie to get you to part with your cash. Once you've attended this first programme, you are likely to be suckered in to parting with payments for another 2 weeks training.

Generally speaking this is how long it takes most aspiring bodyguards to realise they have been hoodwinked by a cowboy security company.

Never forget, a one week residential bodyguard training courses only offers you a basic snap shot introduction into the close protection world,

If you are contemplating enrolment in professional VIP protection training for the sole purpose of recouping your bodyguards training investment from gaining paid bodyguard work, then you should factor for a minimum of 500 hours of top class mission specific close protection security training.

VIP Protection Training For Bodyguard Work In The Close Protection World: Advanced Bodyguard Training.

Irrespective of your previous background, it will take a minimum of 300 hours of professional residential close protection officer training before you are ready for any type of advanced Bodyguard training.

I strongly recommend you conduct your own research and due diligence into any of the advertised bodyguard training courses. For example if you Google bodyguard training, or close protection training courses you will be presented with a huge number of security companies advertising their training.

However very, very few of these companies offer any form of advanced bodyguard training. The only problem is that most of them lie and say they do offer this service. Check, check and check again because this is one of the main reasons why the close protection world has such a huge drop out rate.

Many aspiring bodyguards and close protection officers drop out because these types of security companies have nothing new to teach their students.

In reality every close protection specialist who makes a full time living from paid bodyguard work, knows that there are so many aspects of advanced bodyguard training that students have to master before being able to earn big bucks from the security industry.

Two sectors of the close protection industry that constantly require advanced training are those related to women bodyguards and advanced technology. The close protection industry is an ever evolving, organic sector of the security industry. As such, regular advance bodyguard training is required to keep pace with the required industry changes.

VIP Protection Training For Bodyguard Work In The Close Protection World: Specialist Bodyguard Training.

The close protection world is not for everyone. This fact is proven beyond doubt by the large number of bodyguards training for paid bodyguard work who decide that high, and extremely high risk protective service operations are not for them.

Many bodyguard training courses run by low level security companies take this into account and therefore don't feel the need to offer specialist Bodyguard or close protection officer training.

In reality, if you are looking to enter the VIP protection training arena, then understand you are entering the risk business. As such I don't know of a single close protection expert who would consider employing any bodyguard who has not received some form of specialised bodyguard training.

Generally speaking, most professional bodyguards only begin their specialist bodyguard training after they have completed their 500 hours of close protection training.


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